Wrongful Death Caps (Maximum Amounts Allowed for Compensation) Listed by State

the Center for Accident & Injury Assistance


(The maximum amount recoverable for compensation in a wrongful death law suit as of the time of this writing.)

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Alabama NO CAP
Alaska $400,000 or $8,000 X Life Expectancy
Arizona $500,000
Arkansas $400,000
California $250,000
Colorado $341,250
Connecticut Reasonable Expenses Minus Taxable Costs
Delaware NO CAP
District of Columbia NO CAP
Florida $250,000-$350,000
Georgia $250,000
Hawaii $375,000
Idaho $640,776
Illinois NO CAP
Indiana 3X Compensatories or $50,000
Kansas $250,000
Kentucky NO CAP
Louisiana $0-500,000
Maine $75,000-$400,000
Maryland $885,000
Massachusetts $500,000
Michigan $0-280,000
Minnesota NO CAP
Missouri $540,000
Montana $250,000
Nebraska $1.25 Million
Nevada 3X Compensatories or $300,000
New Hampshire $250,000-$875,000
New Jersey 5X Compensatories or $350,000
New Mexico $600,000
New York Only pecuniary losses and pain & suffering from time of injury to death.
North Carolina 3X Compensatories or $250,000
North Dakota $250,000-$500,000
Ohio $200,000
Oklahoma $100,000-$500,000
Oregon $500,000
Pennsylvania 2X Compensatories or $100,000
Rhode Island NO CAP
South Carolina NO CAP
South Dakota $500,000
Tennessee NO CAP
Texas $500,000-1.420 Million
Michigan $0-280,000
Utah $400,000
Vermont NO CAP
Virginia $350,000-$1.5 Million
Washington $0-$10,000
West Virginia NO CAP
Wisconsin $350,000-$500,000
Wyoming NO CAP

The information provided here is believed to have been correct at the time it was written, should be used only as a guide and should be verified before being used to make any legal decision.

The wrongful death compensation caps are provided without warranty of accuracy.  Please see our disclaimer and spek to a lawyer before relying on this information. 

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